Perpetuating the language and culture of Tokelau

Guided by Tokelauan values and the knowledge passed from our ancestors, we are mindful of the contemporary reality in which Tokelau families in overseas communities live, work, and raise their families.

To perpetuate the language and culture of Tokelau; and to improve the economic and social welfare of the Tokelau people residing in the USA


Tā Le Vaka Community Canoe Building

We are coodinating a community-wide effort to build the first Tokelau vaka (canoe) ever constructed in the United States. Working in partnership with organizations and communities in Hawai‘i, New Zealand, Australia, and Tokelau, this project will revive traditional engineering, carpentry, lashing knowledge, and celestial wayfinding techniques in our community.


A language and culture school keeping Tokelau language and traditions alive in Hawai‘i

Nā Mātua - Elders Program

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A daytime program that invites our elders to our community center for fellowship and fun activities and excursions.

Tele! Project

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Language Apprenticeship Program

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